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Membership FAQs

What is the Membership and what does it include?

The Membership is a subscription service paid monthly or yearly. It includes unlimited access to the full Library, programming, and all the livestream classes and their replays. You can save your favorite videos to easily repeat workouts or join a Path to access programming. You can sign up for the monthly membership here and the annual membership here.

When the full library becomes available, how do I access it?

Once you purchase a monthly or annual subscription, the full library will show up on your catalog page once you’re logged into the online studio. New videos will automatically become available as they are uploaded. 

How often are new videos added to the Library?

New pre-recorded videos are added every month! And once a week the livestream class recording is added as a Replay.

Is there a guided program or plan?

Yes! The Paths are suggested plans to navigate the library and organize your movement practice and help you progress in a structured, safe way. Each Path consists of Phases, which can roughly correspond to a week of workouts. However, I’ve called them “phases” because they’re designed to be explored until you feel ready and, hopefully, excited about moving on. How much time that takes for you and how often you work out is totally up to you!  Once you finish a Path, you can keep going with the programming laid out in the library or explore on your own. Your access to the Paths will remain available as long as you are a current Member and we’ll be adding to them in the future! 

How much does membership cost?

The Monthly Membership is $29.99 USD billed monthly.

The Annual Membership is $299.99 USD billed annually.

Individual Classes and Class Replays are $15 USD and include access to that class only for 24 hours. Billed once.

When will I be charged for my Subscription?

Your subscription payment will be processed on the day or day after the purchase is made. You can expect to see the charge on your credit card or Paypal account soon after making the purchase, no later than one day after purchase. The charge will then occur one month after the initial purchase and so on.

Can I cancel my unlimited membership?

Yes! You can cancel anytime. Sign in, and click on Dashboard at the top of the page. Next, click on Billing. Under Active Plan, click Change Plan. You can then click Cancel Membership. Note: There are no refunds for unused annual memberships, but you will have access to the library for the full term of your paid membership, even if you cancel. 

What happens if I cancel halfway through my billing period?

You will have access to the library through your full billing period, regardless of when you cancel. If you know you need to cancel, please make sure to do so at least 3 days before your billing date.


So...what’s a Path?

The Paths were developed as a suggested workout plan to guide you on your self-practice journey. Each Path has a theme and includes workouts that relate to that theme. The Beginner Path was created for those brand-new to pilates or intentional movement, while the Progrssive Path assumes some familiarity with pilates or a related modality (yoga, dance, calisthenics, etc.). Choose the path that feels right for where you are now.

Why Paths? I’m used to a program/calendar/rules!

Programs and calendars are great! Everyone responds to structure differently, and you could treat the path like a calendar, with each “Phase” corresponding to a week, giving yourself a rest day or two between each block of workouts. I’ve called these guides “Paths” because part of my goal as a teacher is to encourage you to develop your intuition, not dictate a “best” way for you to move. 

Part of developing a true self-practice is allowing your body to progress at your own pace, in your own way. I encourage you to wander and explore. If a particular concept or type of workout feels good or interesting to you, seek it out in the library! The Paths are designed to help teach you what a complete, balanced movement practice can look and feel like so you can feel confident and comfortable exploring on your own.

Ok, how do the paths work?

Each Path is composed of several Phases. The Phases build on each other, layering in complexity and challenge as you move forward.  Try to feel comfortable with most of the workouts in one Phase before moving on to the next. 

The Phases are not necessarily weeks. A Path might take one person a month to work through while another person may stay on a Phase for a few weeks before moving to the next phase. Repeat the videos as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the movement they present. 

You’ll know you are ready to move to the next Phase if most of the movements of the Phase feel safe and doable, but you don’t need to have mastered every video before moving to the next! Every person is unique and each person's Path will unfold in their own time. 

Listen to your intuition. If something feels unsafe, don’t do it! If something feels like a light challenge, but you want more of a challenge, move ahead. And if something from the Library looks fun to you, try it! If it feels safe, great. Enjoy it! If it doesn’t quite feel right, return to your Phase and know that you will get stronger and that workout that didn’t feel right one day might be totally doable on another day.  

Any other tips?

When you watch the videos, please try not to watch the screen as you are moving. Listen to my words and do the movement as it feels right for you. If you are unsure about what I am describing, glance at the screen or pause your movement to watch what I do. Then return to your body so that your neck is in proper alignment as you workout.




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