How do I sign up for class?

Click here or go to Workouts in the main menu. Click on the livestream class you are interested in taking (be sure to check the date and time!). If you're new to Ashley Deleon Pilates, you'll be prompted to make an account as you check out for the class. If you're returning, use the same login you made for your previous classes. After checking out, you should receive a confirmation email. 

Will the livestream be available after class?

Yes, the livestream includes a 24 hour rental period. If you are an Ashley DeLeon Pilates member, the livestreams are automatically added to the library after the stream. Previous classes are also available for rent individually, and can be found under the "Class Replay" category on the Workouts page. You must be signed in to access the full Workouts page. 

So...do I buy a livestream or a replay?

Purchasing the livestream means you get the class as soon as it's available, so we recommend choosing the livestream if you're able to make the day and time listed (all times are listed in EST). It does include a 24-hour replay window, so it's ok if something comes up and you need to take the class later in the day. The replay will be posted as soon as possible after the livestream, so if the time doesn't work with your schedule, grab the replay whenever's convenient for you!  

How do I access a livestream I purchased?

On the day and time of your class, come back to Workouts. Once you've signed in, click on the class you're signed up for and the livestream will start at the scheduled time. If the livestream isn't loading for you, try refreshing your browser.

What if I can’t make class? Can my purchase be refunded?

There are no refunds or transfers. All sales are final. 

All individual class purchases include access to the class for 24 hours. Live classes are available for 24 hours after the livestream uploads to the library and rentals are available for 24 hours from the time of purchase. 

When am I charged for the class?

Your purchase will be processed immediately after check out. 

How do I pay for class?

We accept major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

Do I need to have my camera on for class? Can Ashley and the other participants see me?

You don't! Class is a one-way broadcast, so Ashley and the other participants can't see you and you don't need to have your camera on or worry about where to place your device. 

What happens in class?

During class, Ashley will be demonstrating and guiding the whole time. She describes all the movements and breath patterns as she takes you through a full-body pilates based workout. All you need is a mat or a soft place to lay down. No props are needed unless specified.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my billing or need technical support?

 Please email ashleydeleon@streaming-subscription.com for tech support. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about an upcoming class or if I have a question about an exercise from class?

If you have a specific question about class, email hi@ashleydeleonpilates.com or use our Contact page and we will do our best to answer the question before class begins.