About Ashley

Ashley in Pilates Mermaid White

Ashley DeLeon is an esteemed Pilates instructor in New York City. She began studying pilates in childhood to complement her rigorous, pre-professional ballet training. Set back by injuries, Ashley started teaching Pilates at 18 years old and found her true passion was helping others find joy through movement.  

In 2011, Ashley opened her eponymous studio Ashley DeLeon Pilates, a cozy, boutique space dedicated to personalized attention. She taught privately at her studio for 9 years, working with a diverse clientele and employing a team of master instructors. In May of 2020, she began teaching virtually full-time in order to bring Pilates and movement to her global community. 

As a teacher for over 15 years, Ashley has studied with Pilates masters of multiple lineages, had numerous yoga mentors, gives continuing education workshops to instructors, and has established an international following. She specializes in teaching students how to reach their  movement goals in a progressive and accessible way. Ashley approaches her clients with excitement, empathy and a true desire to share the many benefits of the Pilates method.

You can peek into Ashley’s creative movement life on her instagram account, @ashleydeleonpilates, where she blends Pilates, yoga and dance to create movement experiences that are referential and expressive. In her personal life, Ashley is a New Yorker, dog mom, and mother to an endlessly curious and rambunctious 4 year old daughter.